In case you were wondering how the poem I recited sounded as a song, I’m attaching a recording from my choir’s spring concert this past month. I would advise reading the poem’s text online while listening to it. I apologize for the muddled diction since the recording device was really far away from the acoustic the performance space’s sweet spot.

Anyways, this particular arrangement of “A Red, Red Rose” written by Eleanor Daley (Check out her other stuff, you guys. All so pretty and lyrical~) captures the poem’s sense of eternity, specifically in the accompaniment (Which I attempted to recreate in my mind to help with memory as I recited this poem to you all.) The serene, almost endlessly flowing piano accompaniment reflects the speaker’s pledge to love his beloved until “the seas gang dry”, “the rocks melt wi’ the sun, and “while the sand of life shall run” and to “come again” despite any distance between them. Additionally, Daley’s choice of rich harmonies act as the icing of this scrumptious, nommy cake of a song.

Yup. I’m sure you can tell how much I love this arrangement.