The idea of silence, which has also been seen in some of our previous books like Heart of Darkness, comes up often in the play with the use of pauses. There are many of these pauses in the dialogue throughout the scenes. Although we truly do not know what the character is thinking during the pause, it does show that they are in some way collecting their thoughts or rethinking what they were about to say aloud. The pauses in the play also represent somewhat of a barrier/disconnection between the other characters and the character who initiated the silence, since they are thinking/feeling things that others cannot hear. This idea of silence also makes me think of the importance of voice in the play. When I think of voice, I immediately think of Song. Out of all the characters in the play she seems to have one of the strongest voices, despite the typical idea of women being inferior. She always speaks her mind and is unafraid of opposing other people’s ideas. Song definitely makes herself noticed and heard.

– McClain