I have been spending a lot of time thinking about the conversation we had yesterday about the idea of being “blind”. I still don’t understand how Gallimard could not have known that Song was a man, but the conversation really helped me out. Song was creative of the way that she “blinded” Gallimard. As we talked about yesterday, he/she gave Gallimard everything he wanted. She/he was his perfect girl. There also was the part in the book the Ms. Stevenson brought up about how Song turned off the light, and that was actually blinding him but that’s beside the point. The point is that I feel that this “blindness” that Gallimard experienced created by Song proves that he actually loved him/her. We all have heard people say, “true love is blinding”, and well at least I hope you have. And its true, we see it will Gallimard. We all know when you take away one of the 5 senses, all your other sense are enhanced and your more in tuned with your body and feelings. So with “blinding” Gallimard, Song in a way enhanced his emotion, which helped Song get Gallimard to fall in love with her/him. Which could also be another reason why Galllimard didn’t notice that Song was a man. 

~Nat ❤ 

P.S. I hope you guys noticed that the picture is black and white and how that demonstrates Gallimard’s blindness