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If you have the time, I strongly suggest you read this article (yes, I spent the whole afternoon doing this) because honestly, when we were talking about M. Butterfly in class, I was so confused. How does a man fall in love with a “woman” who is a man for twenty years? And what happened between them?


And if you have even more time, here’s another article that I think was the one Ms. Stevenson showed us today. It’s actually very interesting.

But I guess it goes to show if a person believes in something so strongly, s/he is blind to everything else. 

Another thing that I found out while reading the first article was the story of Zhu YingTai and Liang Shanbo. It’s funny because my mom used to play this song in the car and it was a story about the two. I didn’t know what it really was about; I used to think that it was just the fact that they couldn’t be together and so they killed themselves. But apparently, Zhu YingTai was disguised as a boy because she wanted to go to school and it was there where she fell in love with Liang Shanbo. But she was soon pulled out of school because her family had arranged for her to marry another man. She told Liang Shanbo her real identity and he proposed, but she could not disobey her family. So Liang Shanbo killed himself and soon, Zhu Yingtai killed herself too. They were buried next to each other. 

Tragic star-crossed lovers.

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