In this single the lyrics: “we knew from the start that things fall apart, intentions shatter” resonate with Achebe’s novel Things Fall Apart. When European colonizers enter Umuoifia the traditions, social norms and religious beliefs at the core of the village are challenged and inevitably shattered. The video concludes with a man laying down beside a woman and then it shifts to show that he is the one who is dying as opposed to everyone else who appear dead throughout the video. Similarly Achebe’s novel shifts and turns upside down when Okonkwo, the strong force behind his people at the start, loses hope and hangs himself by the end. This shift could also be compared to  the last page of the book when the point of few shifts to convey a European voice for the first time in the novel. The fear and desperation of sudden loss that is portrayed in the You Got Me parallels the distress of the disintegrated community after Okonkwo’s suidicde.