While reading Things Fall Apart, I constantly thinks about how much parallelism is present in the book. First of all, it’s a direct reply to Heart of Darkness, which is the most prominent connection. There’s also the inward parallelism between Okonkwo and his son, Nwoye, and how the two are switching roles almost. Okonkwo is becoming his father whom he was ashamed of in the beginning of the book, and Nwoye is ashamed now of his father.

However, stopping the deep connections and moving to something a bit more heartening, let’s talk about Disney’s The Lion King. I was watching it this weekend, and other than the finale giving me goosebumps, it reminded me of Okonkwo’s power he held in the beginning of the book. However, it’s flip flopped. Simba returns from his exile to take his position as king of Pride Rock after it being corrupted by the evil Scar. Okonkwo loses his power when sent into exile and returns to the corrupt power of the Christian missionaries.

As much as I would love for Okonkwo to save his tribe and climb Pride Rock and let out a mighty roar to show who’s boss (despite his violent, masculine ways), the book’s title foreshadows to us that the finale of this novel won’t be part of the picture perfect world of Disney.

But even so, Disney movies will help in any sort of depression that follows, so marathon anyone?