I came across a cool LA Times article published in 2008 about Things Fall Apart, and I feel that though we analyze books so in-depth in class you sometimes (probably just me) forget that other people in the world have read the book as well- and this article shows just how influential Things Fall Apart has been. It states that this is THE FIRST African novel that has broken into the English market!

The article also implicitly refers to the aspect of Heart of Darkness incorporated as a response into Things Fall Apart when it states “”It was about taking everything that had been said about Africans and turning it on its head — and saying it about the Europeans.” Which falls right into our discussion of how Achebe makes a point to illustrate the auditory harshness of the English language to retaliate against Conrad’s demeaning description of native language. 

The article briefly brings up an interesting point that the only vocal opponents of this book have been young African novelist “iconoclasts”. I find that really interesting and wonder if you guys have any thoughts on that? Why specifically young African novelists?