When i typed “things fall apart” into google (which i think we all did), this image popped up. When I clicked on it, I was amazed at the complexities of this image. This one picture has so many components to it, that summarize different parts of the book. First you see Africa, the continent, the plot of this novella. We then look at the different faces of the Africans; a woman has tears streaming down her face. Is it from the suppression women face from their husbands in this patriarch society? Or is it sadness from the “white man’s” presence that takes her child away from her culture? Warriors with strength and determined faces are also on this cover, revealing the strong oppositions the while man faced at first. Look at Onkonkwo, he refused to let any assimilation or change to happen without a fight. The red figure on the left outlines a man with a gun (obvious..). Now the question is who is this image representing? The white man, or the natives? It could be the white man since the gun is somewhat modern, and this type of advanced gun is present in their society. But Onkonkwo constantly mentions the gunst hat the Ibo men use. In my opinion, i think it represents the Europeans. Their influence is also shown in the background by the electric poles and cross. The Europeans brought religion first; something that could fully captivate the natives so that they would be easier to manipulate. After the first stage is done, then all the assimilation, torture, and stealing of resources could be done efficiently.
What do you guys think about this photo? Do you agree or disagree with what any of these images represent?

-Khadijah “Beyonce” Omerdin