There is always something more to learn

While having mixed emotions about Achebe’s main character Okonkwo, I started thinking about what his purpose in the book is. What was Achebe’s goal/idea of having Okonkwo as his main character? What is he trying to teach us? As I started to think about my feeling towards Okonkwo, I came to the conclusion that I loathe him. He isn’t a man that you would usually like. Okonkwo suffers from issues caused by his dad, he is sexist, and has a violent temper that always involves someone getting hurt emotionally or/and physically. Okonkwo’s idea of a ‘man’ involves ruling with an iron fist, showing/having little compassion, and always has the desire of power driving him. After getting this far in the book to understand this part of Okonkwo, Achebe throws us a curve ball and reveals another part of Okonkwo that we would have never guessed. We learn about Okonkwo’s love for his favorite and oldest daughter, Ezinma. I feel that Achebe teaches us a life lesson with his main character Okonkwo. He teaches us the lesson that when you think you have figured out WHAT someone is all about, you must always understand that there is always MORE. That even though you may never accept or forgive someone for what they have done in the past, you must be willing to get to know this person that you may despise, because you may learn something. Even from the person you despise the most!


P.S. The person in the photo is Achebe