Today, for the first time, I truly looked at the cover of the novel, as opposed to merely glancing at it like I usually do. The artwork is extremely interesting. I’m not sure if everyone already understands the meaning of the cover, but to me I feel like it could represent multiple things. At first, I saw it as a mask. This made me think of tradition along with Okonkwo as a character. In most traditional African cultures, the person who wears a ritual mask conceptually loses his/her identity. From what we have read so far, Okonkwo seems to be putting on some kind of a mask to conceal his true feelings. It was brought up in class today that the word “inwardly” is often utilized when describing Okonkwo’s feelings. He attempts to appear harsh and aggressive externally in attempts to be masculine and hold his high power, although he is completely different inwardly. The art on the cover could also merely be a person’s face as opposed to a mask. The face is extremely serious, even angry, which could again connect back to Okonkwo. Whether it is a mask or a person’s face (or something else!), it is upside down. I don’t really know why but it could represent the idea of the unnatural or even a change in/stray from tradition (since the mask would regularly be worn right side up, obviously).

– McClain