I made a comparison in class between Kurtz and the wizard from “The Wizard of Oz.”  After looking at the book in terms of “The Wizard of Oz,” I found more connections.  Marlow is Dorothy. He starts out in Brussels (Kansas) with family and friends, but departs on a twisted, yet eye-opening journey.  He travels to Congo (Oz), by going down the river (the Yellow Brick Road).  Dorothy Gale dreams of a distant land “over the rainbow.” When Dorothy gets to Oz by means of tornado, she is surprised to see how unworldly her destination is.  This is much like Marlow’s discovery as he gets further and further down the river.  In the movie “The Wizard of Oz,” Dorothy’s time spent in Oz is in color.  This differs from Marlow’s time spent in Congo.  While Dorothy’s adventures are light and colorful, Marlow’s are the complete opposite.