I don’t know who else watches Once Upon A Time, but one of the recent episodes was titled “Heart of Darkness”!

Unfortunately, the characters don’t exactly go on a ride down the Congo River, but the similarity between our book and this episode was the idea of duality–the dual nature of humans.

We learn about how people treated each other based on race in the book. We saw the ugly side and the nice side of people. Similarly, in this episode, Snow White turns evil due to a potion she drinks that makes her lose her memories of love and is immediately consumed by anger and the need for revenge against her evil stepmother, the Queen. So she sets out to murder her. But the thing is, if she murders the Queen, then Snow White will be just as evil as her. So Prince Charming, who knows that Snow White has forgotten about him, goes off to stop her, hoping that true love’s kiss will resolve things. But it doesn’t, and in the end, he ends up taking an arrow for Snow, making Snow realize who he was and the goodness in herself.

Although the situations are VERY different, you can see the conflicting nature in people between right and wrong. In the way how they treat others.

So be kind, my friends, and find the goodness in yourself!