I came across this video on YouTube and I thought the dancing was really unique (it came off as slightly strange initially, although interesting). It’s not The Tempest interpreted into a ballet or dance piece, but rather a choreographer’s ideas about what happened before the actual tempest that Prospero created (so before the play, a prequel) and also what would have happened after the end of the play. Cathy Marston, the choreographer, specifically chose to depict Sycorax immediately after giving birth to Caliban and also Prospero actually setting Ariel free. The style is modern/contemporary, which may look a little strange, but I feel like it balances the idea of modern (the style of dance) versus classic (the play, The Tempest). Also, I liked how the two dances were duets. It really showed the relationship between the characters. In the first duet, Caliban and Sycorax hold and support each other (not in a romantic way). In the second duet, Prospero has the control, lifting Ariel and moving her (Ariel is a woman in this case although her hair and appearance seem slightly masculine) across the stage. In addition, you can see the struggle to leave each other in their movements and faces. I also thought that the lighting, costumes, and music were very effective in conveying the feeling of the characters.

– McClain