So remember how I mentioned the parallels between Ponyo (the movie) and The Tempest? (You probably don’t but that’s ok.) Ponyo (崖の上のポニョ Gake no Ue no Ponyo) is an animated movie about a little goldfish who befriends (& falls in love) a human boy Sōsuke.

Brunhilde is a little goldfish with a wizard father who lives in her father’s isolated world (she actually has hundreds of little siblings but they all live in a little dwelling under the sea with their father- you can see the little siblings in the picture.) Much like Miranda, Brunhilde has grown up under the meticulous   care of her father and his magic. By chance she meets a little human boy ashore named Sōsuke (her first human boy)…sound familiar? She returns with her father and tells him that she refuses to be called Brunhilde (the name he named her) and instead wants to be called Ponyo (the name Sōsuke gave her), and then declares she’s fallen in love with Sōsuke. Her father is furious. Miranda and Ferdinand, who experience a similar love-at-first-sight, are dissimilarly approved by her father (unbeknownst to them initially) but the essence of Ponyo’s rebellion is echoed in Miranda’s actions (like when she told Ferdinand her name and immediately engaged herself to him.) Ponyo’s father’s initial fury, and later wistfulness that his daughter has given her heart to another reminds me of Prospero’s feeling of sad emptiness after he marries Miranda off. However strict, and powerful both fathers seem (Ponyo’s father is an extremely influential wizard) they both ultimately cherish their daughters whom they’ve tried to shelter (or have been forced to shelter) throughout most of their lives.

Ponyo is an awesome movie, but it also has mesmerizing graphics that illustrate the powerful element of magic in the film that I feel is present in The Tempest as well. Ponyo also has spirits that help Ponyo’s father just like Ariel! The story also deals a lot with nature and especially the ocean where Ponyo lives much like how much of the action’s catalyst in The Tempest is the stormy ocean.