While finishing the play, I stared to think about Prospero’s powers and his ability to control Ariel and how Ariel can control all the other spirits. While Prospero’s character enables Shakespeare to introduce the idea of subordinance and power played in the text, I tried to connect these characters relationship to something in our lives. Relating Prospero’s command over Ariel to something in our lives to grasp a better idea on the metaphors about the human condition and the tendency for some to rule over others, I came across the Star Wars series (don’t judge). Darth Vader is Prospero and the storm troopers, Darth Vader’s helmeted white-clad underlings; even though there are many of them, they represent Ariel. Darth Vader’s storm troopers patrol his aircraft just like Ariel helps Prospero control the people on his island. You can even connect the island to Darth Vader’s aircraft. Hope this helped you guys understand one of the many metaphors Shakespeare used in the tempest!!

~Nat ❤