I really enjoyed reading Lauren’s poem, The Lynching by Claude McKay. it reminded me of a piece of news I read last year during Halloween.

In Brooklyn, someone had put up a Halloween decoration of a dark-skinned scarecrow hanging from a tree. City councilman Charles Barron was appalled, “The scarecrow is offensive and reprehensible not only to the Black Community, but to all those who have a history of persecution and, or have been victimized by lynch mobs. The perpetrators of this horrific display are only acting out what they conceal in their hearts.”

Many African Americans were deeply offended and protested for them to take it off. However, some people did not mind because they did not think that it represented lynching. They merely thought it was a Halloween decoration, something scary. But the thing is, we don’t see monsters or scary jack-o-laterns that committed civil right abuses in the South.

Thankfully, the decoration was removed because the tree was considered city property. What do you guys think?