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I find it really fascinating when Shakespeare’s plays are re-made into movies and I was really happy when we got to see them in class! I found that the choice for some characters were either right on spot, or not.

First off, I wanted to state the obvious. Prospero was the mother of Miranda, not the father. I wanted to know what you thought of this choice? I really like the originality in the choice, it allowed a huge flexibility in many aspects of the play such as her relationship with Miranda being a mother-daughter rather than a father-daughter.

I also thought that the choice for Caliban was a step back. In the play he is described as a filthy and terrible character who lives in anger and frustration. In some cases he can be considered the “bad guy” and I think that the actor chosen for this role looked like the societies stereotypical “bad guy” who’s looks frighten people. I thought this was a huge set back since the choice of Prospero (or his wife) was so unique and original while the choice for Caliban was expected and somewhat “stereotypical”


-Khadijah Omerdin