I found a rather interesting adaptation of The Tempest on youtube recently. It was a play preformed by Shakespeare & Co. in Massachusetts in 2011. It’s a rather long clip because it repeats the scene twice (Act 1 Scene II) once without music and once with ( I suggest skipping to the 7 minute mark).

I find it to be an “interesting” adaptation thought not one that I had pictured. There is almost a hilarity to the scene when Miranda meets Ferdinand for the first time. At first, you can really feel a very “Romeo & Juliet”-esque “love at first sight”. The two characters are fumbling awkwardly albeit passionately at each other’s face. The comedy really sets in when Miranda starts examining Ferdinand’s body (and stripping him in a very PG way don’t worry). I think they’re trying to convey Miranda’s naivete and feeling of wonder as we know, she has yet to see someone besides her father, and his servant. The actor starts to laugh at 9:32 but I don’t know if it was a conscious decision for his character or he was tickled.

Later on, Miranda begins to beg her father to spare Ferdinand. The entire time, the actress is in a very primal position, kneeling at her father’s foot. I found this to be a very accurate, physical portrayal of the hierarchy between her and her father. The scene, though not my favorite depiction, really livens up the words and allows one to visualize the actual emotion and tone of the scene.