I know Isabella already addressed this connection, but I can’t seem to get over how much “The Tempest” is like Disney’s The Little Mermaid…so I just wanted to mention a few more connections I found (it’s also because I’m a Disney child and love talking about the movies :))

First of all, both the play and film are set in an aquatic setting. There is a shipwreck in both, and one man who happens to be a prince comes ashore in both (Prince Eric and Prince Ferdinand), only to falle instantly in love with the beautiful maiden he first sets his eyes upon (Ariel and Miranda).

More into relationships, both “Tempest” and The Little Mermaid revolve around a strong father/daughter relationship. In the movie, King Triton has tremendous power over the sea and tries his best to protect his daughter, Ariel, despite her wish to go on land. In “Tempest,” Prospero has equal amount of power being a magician and is “King” of the island. He also tries to protect his daughter by being hesistant to completely give her away to Ferdinand.

More quick connections include the witch, Sycorax and the sea witch, Ursula. Ariel is also half fish-half girl, which connects to the specific detail when Stepano comes across Caliban and sees him as a “fish” (2.2.26).

Despite Disney stating the idea is all original, the connections are just too coincidental. Needless to say, it’s still a classic and one of my favorite Disney movies!

If you guys have any more connections, please share!