While reading the Tempest, particularly the introduction of Caliban, I had an epiphany. It occurred to me how similar Caliban is to the Creation from Shelley’s Frankenstein, which we read last year. Symbolically, both characters comprise the entity of nature. Throughout the course of Frankenstein, the Creation has a close and frequent association with nature, while Caliban claims ownership or kingship of a nearly deserted island isolated from the Old World. Also, like how the Creation is abhorred by his creator, Victor Frankenstein, Caliban is treated the same way by Prospero. Both characters initially loved and adored their masters, but their affections were rejected due to what their masters saw as their monstrosity. With that note, a comparison can also be made between Victor Frankenstein and Prospero, as both serve as father figures to both the Creation and Caliban.
~ Isabella