Something about complete isolation seems to fascinate the public. There is always a story out there about a group or person stranded on an unknown and uninhabited island. One of many that comes to mind is Tom Hank’s Cast Away. So I began to ask myself — has The Tempest influenced any of these stranded island stories, and more specifically, did it play a role in LOST, where the island seems to be not only a setting, but a character as well?

LOST, in short, is a TV series which follows the lives of the survivors of the Oceanic Flight 815 crash. Interestingly, the island which they get stuck on has various magical elements, one of which reminds me of Ariel. The “smoke monster” is very much like a spirit. It has tremendous force, is extremely hard to define, and consistently works to harm, but not necessarily abolish, the survivors on the island who pose a threat to the “others”.

In addition, LOST exhibits a theme of power. Jack takes on the role of a leader, but many oppose his authority, and nearly everything is driven by people’s need to feel important and contribute to the community.

Ben also reminds me of Prospero. They are very power hungry, call themselves king, and are protective of their daughters.

Are you a LOST fan? What do you think of its striking resemblance to The Tempest?