As I was reading The tempest last night, my brother came into my room for something and pointed out that his roommate in college last week was working on a project that had to do with connections between books. Interested on why my brother randomly just brought this up, we started talking about his roommate’s project. It happens to be that one of the books he was analyzing was the Tempest. My brother talked a lot about the different connections about the Tempest and the one that stood out the most was the connection between the plot of the tempest, with Prospero causing the big story (the tempest) to hit the ship of his enemies, and a very common theme/scene/idea in movies. This concept of a big storm in the middle of the ocean hit a ship and the ship getting completely wrecked; then the story end with the ship and its crew were lost at sea. It’s very intriguing that not only did Shakespeare influence many novel writers, but he inspired directors and screen writers. Here is the link that my brothers roommate sent me relating the tempest to movies, especially less modern movies. Hope you guys found this as interesting as me!!


~Nat ❤