While I was reading Sula, this one passage stood out to me.

“He tried to think of something to say to comfort her, something to stop the hurt from spilling out of her eyes. So he had said ‘always,’ so she would not have to be afraid of the change–the falling away of skin, the drip and slide of blood, and exposure of bone underneath. He had said ‘always’ to convince her, assure her, of permanency” (157).

It’s both the idea of change and Toni Morrison’s language that really connects to me. Honestly, I’m afraid of change and I know some of you are too.  It’s hard to adjust and it’s hard to mold yourself to fit into new surroundings. Permanency is really what we all want–something constant, something stable and safe that we can always turn to.

But also the way she conveys it is beautiful. “The falling away of skin” reminds me of metamorphosis–when an ugly caterpillar turns into a beautiful butterfly. “The drip and slide of blood, and exposure of bone underneath” is like the peeling away of layers to see what’s underneath–to see what’s the truth.

“the hurt spilling out of her eyes” is such powerful imagery and I really imagined that in my head. Like, not literally though. Imagine pain coming out of a person’s eyes haha.