As I mentioned in class yesterday, the metaphor on page 71 with Eva talking about her son Plum and everything, really stuck to me and actually kind of scarred me. It just happened that today on Nation Geographic’s they were playing reruns on their show Taboo. This show is about unspeakable things that people do such as strange addictions and things like that. Many of theses situations and episodes leave people speechless, hence taboo. Well the episode that I saw was about a grown man who likes to be treated like a baby.  Completely creeped out by this guy and how far he goes to act like a baby (he has someone that babies him and rocks him. He even built himself a crib!) I ended up watching the whole show. His situation reminded me about the metaphor and how powerful it is. It is amazing on how the human mind works to compensate for what we lack, even with the strangest things that only make one person happy. Its fascinating on how the mind will tell someone what makes them happy or even how to mask an inner pain such as Eva’s pain. How she feels for her boy and worries about him that she imagines all of this.

P.S. The episodes on taboo are really interested. If you want to see more about this episode the link to an article about it is below.

~Nat ❤