So I was browsing through some artwork on DeviantArt and came across this awesome piece entitled “for the birds” by ma4u4a. When I found it, the moment of Sula’s return to the Bottom accompanied by robins immediately came to mind. The piece’s dark, eerie tone, made possible through its monochromatic quality and heavy use of shadow correlates with Sula’s somewhat peculiar and dark behavior upon her return. Like the “plague of robins” (89) which follow her, the birds of the picture evoke the same ominous vibe. Each of the birds congregating together on the tree directs its attention towards viewer, indicated by the gleams in each of their eyes, which make them seem like a “plague” threatening whomever watches them. Additionally, due to the darkness of this piece, their bird forms cannot be made out completely, making them eerie entities of shadow rather than your typical, cheery birds.

~ Isabella