Just throwing out an idea, but has anyone else noticed the common theme of perception in Sula?

For me, a quote that especially stood out when Boy-Boy comes back to see Eva and hears his lover’s laugh, “A high-pitched big-city laugh that reminded Eva of Chicago,” (36). Eva perceives this woman as being of higher class than her, which leads her to hate Boy-Boy.

Another way I see this is when Morrison talks about sex. In this novel, sex is seen as something that is done often, and is talked about in an almost casual tone.

Connecting the first example to Emma, there’s definitely the idea of perception of people and their statuses. In Emma, it was important for people to keep up appearance and manners, and similarly in Sula, it is important for people in the community, especially Helene, to keep up his/her position there.

Let me know what you guys think and if there are any more examples you find of perception!