Much like how Morrison uses Biblical references as the characters names in her novels, the children’s series Veggie Tales, uses vegetables to tell a more easily understandale version of a Bible story, and, most importantly, teach a valuable life lesson.
One of the episodes that has always stuck out to me, and that Morrison names one of her characters after, is the story of Shack, Rack, and Benny who work under the evil rule of Nezzer and his chocolate factory. This parallels with the Bible story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abendego, who refuse to bow under a different idol than their god.
This is one of my favorite Veggie Tales episodes, because not only is it hilarious as well as educational, but it also talks about the importance of turning away from peer pressure.
This theme of pressure is defintely displayed in Emma as well as Sula in the two societies with the personal pressure to have a good status, like Emma, or a well known name, like Helene.

The theme of standing up for what you believe is also apparent in the Veggie Tales story (not wanting to bow down to another god) as well as in Shadrack’s in Sula, when he created National Suicide Day.

Lots of information going on in so many different sources….who knew vegetables could have to much to offer?