We’ve mentioned Clueless, the modern day adaptation of Emma…we’ve mentioned the numerous films based on Jane Austen’s play… but have our conversations penetrated the filmy wall between movie and MUSICAL? WE SHALL NOW. One of my former castmate from The Old Globe in San Diego told me about their fairly recent production of
Jane Austen’s EMMA A Musical Romantic Comedy

I didn’t get to see if but there’s a little preview here:

There may be mixed feelings about adapting this story into a musical, but I find it rather befitting. Emma in itself is such a satirical commentary on society, and complicatedly ironic comedy- to mold it into a musical platform almost further emphasizes that. Musicals can often help illustrate and indulge in caricatures, and through lyrics make the complexity of Emma more accessible. I mean, the cast sing it (in the preview at 1:04), “IT’S CONFUSING”

Cheers to our finishing Emma!