So I stumbled upon a quote on Tumblr that said, “You have to stop chasing after him and look back to see the person who has been running after you.”

I thought that was such a profound quote.  But not only that, it relates to Emma as well!

Emma is always looking ahead, finding suitable men who she can flirt with and possibly marry when she doesn’t realize that Mr. Knightley is the one who is always right beside her and there for her no matter what.  She doesn’t see the immense care that he has for her and its as if she is blind to it.  She needs to stop chasing and notice Knightley who is a fine, honest gentlemen and loves her deeply.

This also brings made me think of the movie, Kim Possible that I watched when I was little. I’m not sure if it’s the first or second movie, but Kim is in love with a man who is actually a bad guy.  Meanwhile, Ron eats his heart out from the misery with his naked mole rat but Kim liking the other man does not stop him from continuing to be there to support her in her missions.  Finally, in the end, Kim sees that it’s Ron that she loves because it’s Ron who was always there for her, a steady shoulder to lean on.