In my in class writing, I wrote about how Emma is so obsessed with Mrs. Elton, and how she constantly is trying to put Mrs. Elton down. In chapter 32 on page 197 Emma is talking so bad about Mrs. Elton and her diction is so intense and she repeats she and her a lot to demonstrate how consumed she is on Mrs. Elton’s life and what she does and how she is trying so hard to find a flaw in her. When I was deeply analyzing the passage for my in class writing, it popped up in my mind that Emma acts like one of the ladies on the shows that are like the real wives of Beverly hills or one of those. Those ladies completely trash each other when someone new comes into their “group” or when someone is trying to compete with them. They always try to one up each other and they try to make themselves look better then the other ladies, and that is what Emma is doing to Mrs. Elton.


~Nat ❤