As I sit at home, looking at all of the destruction (in my backyard) caused by the Santa Ana winds, I think about how great it is to have a random, unexpected day off from school (don’t worry I also think about the safety of others due to the destruction)!! But, I also think about how awful it would be to be stuck in the house like this all of the time, which made me think of Emma (kind of random, I know). As we mentioned last class, the furthest Emma has been from home is a house down the street. Imagine if you spent every day either at home or near home. I feel that many of Emma’s beliefs and even her character have resulted, at least partially, from living this kind of life, yet she doesn’t object to it. Not only physically trapped, but I also thought of confined in the sense of the nature of a woman’s existence in early-nineteenth-century England. Emma is fairly intelligent, but she merely uses this for matchmaking. The only other option Emma truly has is getting married. Even with marriage, although it gives women a brief chance to exert their power, they still are only allowed this power in the household (like caretaking for example). So, ultimately, Emma is in a fairly good position where she is at because she holds so much power (more than most), which explains why she wouldn’t want venture outside of Highbury.