Undercover Mr. Elton

In the show Revenge, everything is about your status in society. Everything depends on how big your house is, who you’re married to and how much money you have, much like the society that Emma and Harriet live in. In Revenge, Tyler Barrol is the best friend of the boyfriend of the main character, Amanda Clarke. Tyler, in the show plans everything in his life to surround himself and to date people that are close to people who have money. Does this sound like anyone in Emma? Tyler’s character sounds like Mr. Elton. In Chapters 20-22, we get to see Mr. Elton for who he truly is. Once Emma told him that she doesn’t have feelings for him, he finds himself someone else that has 10,000 euros to her name, Miss Hawkins. It says in the book that she has nothing going for her except her money. With this being said, it is obvious that he is only marrying Miss. Hawkins for her money. Once Mr. Elton gets engaged with Miss. Hawkins, Elton goes around town showing his new fiancé off. Proving to everyone, especially Emma that he is good enough to get someone that is close to her on the social ladder.