Perhaps it is because Jane Austen created him from words too, but Frank Churchill reminds me so much of Mr. Wickham from Pride and Prejudice!

I don’t know about you guys but I feel there is something…off about Frank Churchill.  He’s always giving overly sweet compliments that are far exaggerated and he seems like a fake.  And the problem is, Emma sees it (kind-of), but she’s too blinded by his superior manners and class.

It’s the same with Mr. Wickham, who comes across as dashing–until we see another side of him.  He’s superficially charming and pretty much sweeps Elizabeth Bennet off her feet, while also wooing her sister, Lydia, at the same time.

They’re both hiding behind a mask, and now that I’ve unmasked Wickham, I want to see what exactly is Frank’s motive.  Or maybe I’m just paranoid and I have something against Frank?  I don’t know but I WANT TO FIND OUT.

Oh the suspense,