So, this probably isn’t the most interesting post, but i just wanted to discuss a quote from Chapter 11 that stuck out to me:

“There are people, who the more you do for them, the less they will do for themselves” (68).

This society, brought to life in Emma, is one based on wealth and class and not having a care in the world. this quote perfectly describes that and rings true in the book as well as in society today. Emma is so used to having things done for her, that she most likely doesn’t do anything truly meaningful in her life. She’s a match-maker and she goes to parties. That’s about it.

If you think about this phrase in terms of society, we as humans are the same way. We have new things, especially technology, created, which do indeed do something for us. But in the end, is it really for the better? Do we become lazy and not adventurous in the things we do? Do we stay with what we’re comfortable with and don’t go out of bounds? It might be wrong for some people, but I feel like a whole of our American society is like this.

So stay adventurous my friends!