Lissa (on left) and Sadie (right) up to no good...

I have another Awkward reference!

I mean, Awkward, the TV show.

Today during class, we were discussing about the manipulative relationship between Emma and Harriet.  Emma is always telling Harriet what to do and this time, I think she crossed the border.  When Mr. Martin proposes to Harriet, Emma “advises” (aka brainwashes) Harriet into refusing the man she loves.  Every single darn time, Emma always speaks for Harriet and uses Harriet as her little play-toy, making Harriet to whatever Emma wants her to do.

This TOTALLY reminded me of Sadie’s and Lissa’s relationship in Awkward.  Lissa is pretty much Sadie’s minion (like how Harriet is Emma’s).  Sadie is always telling Lissa what to do when it comes to hating on others or managing relationships with boyfriends.  In fact, with Jake, Lissa’s boyfriend, likes someone else (Jenna), Sadie forces Lissa to make Jake cut off all connection with Jenna.  Sadie does this by “helping” (or telling) Lissa write a letter using…..inappropriate and rude language to make Jenna back away from her man.  And since Sadie hates Jenna, she makes Lissa despise Jenna as well–when Jenna did nothing wrong to Lissa.

Sadie also takes advantage of Lissa because Lissa is not as clever and manipulative as she is, exactly why Emma does it to Harriet too.  Sadie and Emma both use their popularity/social status to influence others and make them do what they want.

Which is awful of course.  But hilarious at the same time.

Time to Awkward it up!