Hey everyone! I found a little connection between the song “Old Age” by Nirvana and the character Dimmesdale. The audio is difficult to understand, but here is a link to the lyrics: http://www.sing365.com/music/lyric.nsf/old-age-lyrics-nirvana/35d959dd05ce188d48256bbf00071ee9

Cobain expresses a fear of running out of time in this song, and I think that shows a lot in common with Dimmesdale. The lyrics repeat “old age” and “one more.” The “one more” phrase is used with the words “day,” “doubt,” and “time.” This repetition of time phrases with a focus on the limits of time shows that he is frightened or upset by the lapsing of time. This relates to Dimmesdale in that the longer time passes for him, the more anxious he is about revealing his secret to the world. Also, the song says “Breathe the shame on you, Breathe the lie.” This relates to how Dimmesdale feels about his act. Although he never expresses regret, he is too ashamed and afraid of what people will think to admit it to the townspeople.  He is afraid to “breathe the shame,” and so he breathes the lie.  He knows that as long as he continues to hide his sin, he will continue to have his own letter branded onto his chest; while this is painful and draining his life, he continues to lie for seven years before admitting to his sin.