Who knew Pandora could be so useful?

I always listen to Pandora Radio whenever I can-in the car, on a bus, on a train, maybe while reading The Scarlet Letter? I know, it can potentially be distracting if you’re listening to music while reading and trying to annotate every page with detail….but when a song comes by a band called Hesta Prynn? You know there’s an instant connection.

I actually re-listened to the song, but being all indie-esque as the band is, I couldn’t really understand the lyrics…so I went to look up the lyrics.

Here they are:

from “Can We Go Wrong” EP (2010)
I know it’s out there like recall with one to go
We sleep with the lights on our voices in stereo
And we can’t be trusted we’re dusted for fun because
The streets are our nature our demons will follow usEven if we promise not to do it again
It comes up inevitably
I can spend all night out here just chasing my breath
Cuz something is echoing meI know it’s out there like recall with one to go…

Even if I tell you it won’t happen again
The thoughts come inevitably
Can’t you see it written in the lines on my skin?
There’s something that’s happened to me

It’s enough to start me off
It’s enough to let me go

At first I didn’t full recognize a connection as I was scrolling down (I was hoping there was one, because the discovery was SO perfect and coincidental). But then I got to the lyric, “…our demons will follow us,” and the rest is history. I found so many connections with the lyrics of the song to Hester’s situation.
First of all “…our demons will follow us” clearly connects to Hester’s downward journey with the letter-it’s not a positive thing to have something constantly hang over you, like Hester’s sin of adultery.
I found the singer’s use of the pronoun “we” in “even if we promise not to do it again” directly relate to Dimmesdale and Hester being one when it came to doing the act of sin. “Can’t you see it written in the lines of my skin” definitely struck me as the letter A. The lines on someone’s skin are permanent and always shown, much like the A which is always displayed on Hester’s chest as a permanent badge.
In conclusion, I just found how the lead singer of the band was a woman go really well with the band name. Woman are very prominent as being independent in society now, much as Hester was courageous and strong throughout the course of the book (at least 95% of the time….remember Chapter 13?)