I came across the following video a while back and thought it was rather inventive despite its simplicity. It lists the themes found in The Scarlet Letter yet additionally questions the meaning behind terms and  subjects such evil, death, light, dark, and punishment. Truthfully, (and as basic as this realization may seem) there is no definite answer to what any of the themes mentioned are. Instead, the beauty of the scarlet letter, with its color, and ability to contrast both evil and good or dark and light, lies in the fact that it lacks definition and screams for interpretation. The color red for instance is commonly associated with blood, guilt, and sin, yet also symbolizes sacrifice, courage, beauty, and most importantly love. However, the courage my eyes retain in seeing its intensity may be the guilt that others view in reaction to looking at the color. What’s your “red”? And how do our personal conceptions demonstrate society’s role, or any other influence for that matter, in our lives?