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The Art of Conversing with Fluency and Properiety

  • Extend no encouraging smile or word when receiving words of flattery.
  • Do not talk excessively.
  • Accomodate yourself to other people’s intellectual capacity.
  • Do not use too much sarcasm.

Etc., etc., etc….

Can you imagine following this massive book filled with rules like these to regulate your life all the time?  How about writing a letter to your suitors about marriage on your first date or rejecting their offer for your hand?  What a hassle and how uptight.

Nowadays, I hardly see ladies act this way.  This kind of manner has become extinct.  However, we still have standards that we base our lives on.  For example, this great tumblr link: http://etiquetteforalady.tumblr.com/ has lessons that all ladies should learn.  These really hold true on our daily lives today and teach us how to be confident, how to hold ourselves, and what to believe.

For example, although this site does not teach us how to address our husbands in public, it does offer us kind advice such as “Don’t let anyone ever make you feel like you don’t deserve what you want” or “Don’t forgive people because you are weak. Forgive them because you are strong enough to know that people make mistakes.”

Take away the valuable lessons learned and apply them to your life!

Stay classy, ladies,