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We’re reading The Scarlet Letter in class, and we’ve discussed this before…but have you guys seen the movie Easy A?

Most. hilarious. thing. ever. And a very relevant subject to bring up as well!

Invisible, high school student Olive Penderghast, played by Emma Stone, accidentally spreads a seemingly innocent lie that she lost her virginity.  However, this quickly spreads around school and Olive finds herself the victim of harsh criticism from her peers.  Surprisingly, she welcomes the attention and even uses her so-called “popularity” to help her socially awkward friend by pretending to sleep with him.  But this is only the first step to all the real trauma, for Olive starts helping out other kids by also pretending to sleep with them.  Rumors and lies spread and travel throughout the school, labeling Olive as a “slut.”  Ironically, Olive is learning about The Scarlet Letter in school and finds herself in a similar situation.  The main character of this book, Hester Prynne, is condemned by her Puritan society for committing the sinful act of adultery.  So, Olive takes on this new identity and stitches on a scarlet “A” on her chest, flaunting it around school to show her newfound status.  She has many adventures, even finds love, and discovers who she really is.

I’m only going to tell you the background.  If you haven’t watched it, GO OUT AND RENT IT.

Peace out,